The Čestlická Vejmrda restaurant is located in a picturesque part of the build-up area of the Town of Čestlice. The restaurant is situated in the heart of the town. From the garden, there is a view of the Church of St. Procopius of the Roman-Catholic Čestlice parish. As the name of the restaurant suggests, we want to offer Czech cuisine to our guests.


Vejmrda is a side dish that is eaten with roast, grilled and cooked meats. This name was known to our grandmothers and perhaps even our great-grandmothers. Vejmrda is prepared with finely grated apple and finely grated horseradish poured over with a small amount of cold beef broth, made slightly sour with vinegar, and finally, seasoned with salt and sugar (only if the apples are not sweet enough). Two other variants are known as well - the first one is enriched with finely grated carrots, and the other variant omits the broth (sour cream is used instead of broth). We look forward to you coming to taste our offer of food, and I believe that you will love our Vejmrda.

The Čestlická Vejmrda Restaurant

Lipová 29
251 01 Čestlice
+420 272 702 929